Our favourite brands

We believe in helping local economy. That’s why we collaborate with Kent-based brands and today we want to give them a shout-out, as they are all awesome. Those are brands that you can find in our shop on 11 Church Street in Folkestone, so come soon and have a browse.





Folia is the brainchild of a Folkestone-based artist and entrepreneur Eady Timms who also runs one of the best cafés in Kent - Root in Hythe. Eady makes her jewellery with small bits of plants - leafs and flowers. She preserves them in resin so they look as if they are frozen in time. She then adds finishing touches in silver or gold. If you are looking for jewellery inspired by nature then look no further - Eady’s beautiful designs are perfect for you and those you hold dear.




Pelegrims is another brand that belongs to our founder and CEO, Alexander Verier. At Pelegrims, he creates active and low intervention skincare. Pelegrims is all about harmony with nature and harnessing its power to create skincare that gives your skin exactly what it needs. At Foras, we are fortunate to store many Pelegrims products but our bestseller is the Hand Pomade. It contains Hyaluronic Acid, Provitamin B5 and English Ortega Grape Vine Extract that stimulate skin cell regeneration and give your hands softness and an improved appearance. Come to the shop and try other amazing Pelegrims products as well: cleansers, balms and creams.  




Molly Pickle is an environmentally conscious Illustrator and printmaker. Her art studio and shop are located in Ramsgate and the coastline and nature are a big inspiration of hers. She learned illustration and printmaking by herself. She always looks for ways to make her products more eco-friendly. She loves her creative job and she wants her work to only have a positive impact (ethically and environmentally speaking). She uses materials that are organic, eco-friendly and locally manufactured, such as UK-made cotton or vegan inks from Devon. At Foras, you can find Molly’s cards, prints, notebooks and kitchen towels.




Libby, who runs Shoreline Ceramics, uses just two colors in her ceramic objects: white and blue. Together, they give a seaside-like feel. Every Shoreline Ceramics product is handmade and hand decorated. At Foras we sell brooches, vases and soap holders made by her.




Jennifer Day is an contemporary abstract artist and needle felter with a love of colour and nature. She is very inspired by living on the seaside. She attended the Canterbury Institute of Art and Design receiving a Diploma in Fine Art, and distinction in Painting. She is best known for her striking abstract paintings. She enjoys experimenting with textures and vivid colours. At Foras, you can buy her paintings and postcards.



It all started with excitement about amazing coffee. Curve Roasters are located in Margate and today sell coffee to places in the whole UK. They bring delicious beans in a way that makes things better for the producers and the planet. In the heart of what they do is their decision to benefit every person in the supply chain. They produce amazing, seasonal coffees. At Foras you can not only buy their beans but also try their coffees - they make for a delicious pour-over.


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