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Annihilation monopoly

Experimental realization is the principal of Robert Burton’s excellent new collection of poetry. In riveting, rhythmic frictions images develop and fade, the “Recognized is defused.” You can’t tell what is awaiting in the next line. The traumatic is told with a calmness of breath, excitement is set in short lines, “Sound shape twines.” The delicate insistence of human experience, in all its complexity, is set in lush idiosyncratic imagery and elusive metaphor. Here are sudden pictures of resilient wonder. “A day grows like a plant,” an experience anyone could wish for.
—Geoffrey Gatza

Robert Burton’s poems engage you immediately with their short lines, vertical movement, varying speeds and musical, rhythmic force, moving between the personal, its shifting surroundings and the political condition of it all, in a seamless, relentless investigation of everything, now and what comes next.
— Ian Patterson