We had a party (and a performance)!

We had a party (and a performance)!

The Foras shop is almost one year old and we decided to throw a little party to celebrate it, and to celebrate all things summer. We also wanted to join other businesses and art places in the Last Friday events. Last Fridays of the month are a very special time in Folkestone: the galleries open till late, there are exhibition openings, performances and parties. If you don’t live in Folkestone and want to visit for a weekend, make sure you include the last Friday of the month in your holiday plans!

The shop was packed and everyone was enjoying their drinks and sniffing our perfumes. We also prepared something special: an olfactory poetry performance, a journey through scent and text. Imagine closing your eyes, smelling our unique fragrances and listening to poetry inspired by them. Our guests loved the performance as they said that it allowed them to experience the scents more fully. The poetry has been written by our store manager Michał Kamil Piotrowski, who’s a tech and visual poet, but who also writes textual poetry from time to time. He created seven poems, each inspired by one of the perfumes, each one transporting the visitor to a different place, from an old apothecary in Catania, to a pixie ring in a mossy forest.

We are pleased to report that our guests loved the fragrances. You will be happy to know that all our fragrances are unisex, so you can choose from all seven perfumes regardless of your gender. They are also made locally and the packaging is plastic free. Please read more about them in the ‘Fragrant Stories’ section of our website.

We are planning another party after summer so make sure you follow us on Instagram - we will announce the event there! See you soon!

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