Oceans and seas of the world

At Foras, we make perfumes that tell a story and create an experience. Fig Ozone was our first ocean-scented fragrance but we have recently released our limited edition summer perfume Ocean Tansy which also features notes of ocean water, so it will evoke a sunny day on the seaside. We love nature here, and today will tell you more about some of the wonders of the world: oceans and seas.

We all know how important it is to preserve rainforests, the lungs of the earth, but did you know that oceans and seas produce around 70% of the oxygen we breathe? It is therefore really important to preserve marine life too as it has already declined by 50% between 1970 and 2012. If you want to help save our oceans, you can eat eco-friendly fish (or skip fish altogether), limit your use of plastics, disposables and single-use products, or even participate in a cleanup.

Oceans are still a mystery. We know more about outer space that we know obout the depths of the seas. More people went to the moon than to the Challenger Deep, the deepest part of The Mariana Trench - the deepest trench in the ocean. Oceans are deep and vast, making them difficult to study: only 20 percent of the ocean floor has been mapped. Many of its creatures are still unknown, hence legends about giant sea snakes and The Kraken, first described in a 13th-century Icelandic saga. In reality, in the depths you can find life formed in unexpected ways - an example of this is bioluminescence. Almost every deep-water creature produces light in one way or another.

Another curious fact about the salty waters - the largest living structure on Earth, the Great Barrier Reef, is found in the ocean. As it measures around 2,600 km, it can even be seen from space! The planet’s largest mountain chain, the Mid-Ocean Ridge can also be found underwater.

Oceans are full of man-made artefacts (and we aren’t talking about plastic) - you can say that they are the world’s largest museum where you can find sunken ships, human settlements and even 800,000-year old animal footprints! Our ancestors lived on the territories that are currently underwater - five thousand years ago, glaciers captured a lot of water that now forms Earth’s oceans. Underwater villages and cities with walls, streets and statues can be found around the globe. In the future many of our coastal cities might be submerged - due to climate change, the sea levels rise at a yearly rate of about 3.2 mm.

Oceans are not only mysterious though - there are also many science-backed reasons why spending time on the seaside can make you feel amazing. The salty air is thicker, meaning it can cleanse your throat and respiratory system. Seawater contains a lot of minerals such as magnesium, chloride, potassium and sodium that help fight infection and inflammation which is why swimming in the ocean can be part of the treatment for eczema and other skin conditions. Research using brain imaging techniques has revealed that being near water can trigger the release of hormones such as dopamine and oxytocin, which are associated with positive emotions. The sound of waves has been shown to have a calming effect on the mind. When waves crash and then recede, the sound activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which slows down brain activity and helps with relaxation.

The perfect place to meet with the sea? Folkestone, obviously! It’s full of natural beauty, full of art and great for shopping and food. Don’t forget to buy an Ocean Tansy perfume at Foras to keep those sea-related memories fresh.

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Scent families and the fragrance wheel

The fragrance wheel is a circular diagram that displays the relationships between different scent groups based on their similarities and differences. Groups that are next to each other on the wheel are considered to have similar characteristics. Fragrance expert Michael Edwards developed the fragrance wheel to help retailers recommend scents to customers more effectively. Each scent family is represented by a primary scent, while subfamilies are made up of blended versions of these primary scents.


There are four main scent families: Floral, Amber (Oriental), Woody, and Fresh. Each family has its own subfamilies and unique characteristics. People often have a preference for one scent family over others when selecting personal fragrances.


At Foras, we simplified the wheel to include just five characteristics that describe our fragrances well: floral, woody, fruity, fresh and opulent.

An image representing the fragrance wheel.


Floral scents are made up of the aroma compounds that come from flower petals. Floral perfumes often contain familiar flowers like rose, jasmine, iris and lily, giving them a slightly feminine touch (although at Foras we believe that all fragrances are unisex and we know many men who rock our rose perfume). Our floral fragrances include Folkestone Green and Oxidised Rose.

Shop floral fragrances here.


Woody scents evoque the smell of wood and forests. They contain notes of wood, bark, or earth. These scents can include ingredients like patchouli, cedar, leather, sandalwood, pine, and oak. They have a warm and sultry feel. Three of our perfumes can be described as woody: Elemental Musk, Mushroom Forest and Summer Vine.

Shop woody fragrances here.


Fruity scents contain aromas of various fruits, such as apples and berries. They are zesty and uplifting and are recommended as a summer perfume although we think they are perfect all year round! Our fruity family also includes citrus scents, such as bitter orange or petitgrain. We have five fragrances with fruity notes: Bitter Citrus, Fig Ozone, Mushroom Forest, Ocean Tansy and Summer Vine.

Shop fruity fragrances here.


Fresh scents are clean and bright, they can be herby (green notes) or oceanic (notes of water). They give a sensation of freshness and cleanliness. Freshly cut grass is an example of a green note, and ocean is a note of water. At Foras, we have five fresh fragrances: Folkestone Green, FIg Ozone, Oxidised Rose, Ocean Tansy and Summer Vine.

Shop fresh fragrances here.


Opulent fragrances are aromatic, heavy and luxurious. They can also be defined as oriental, exotic and seductive. We describe three of our fragrances as opulent: Bitter Citrus, Folkestone Green and Rosemary Benzoin.

Shop opulent fragrances here.


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Our favourite brands

We believe in helping local economy. That’s why we collaborate with Kent-based brands and today we want to give them a shout-out, as they are all awesome. Those are brands that you can find in our shop on 11 Church Street in Folkestone, so come soon and have a browse.





Folia is the brainchild of a Folkestone-based artist and entrepreneur Eady Timms who also runs one of the best cafés in Kent - Root in Hythe. Eady makes her jewellery with small bits of plants - leafs and flowers. She preserves them in resin so they look as if they are frozen in time. She then adds finishing touches in silver or gold. If you are looking for jewellery inspired by nature then look no further - Eady’s beautiful designs are perfect for you and those you hold dear.




Pelegrims is another brand that belongs to our founder and CEO, Alexander Verier. At Pelegrims, he creates active and low intervention skincare. Pelegrims is all about harmony with nature and harnessing its power to create skincare that gives your skin exactly what it needs. At Foras, we are fortunate to store many Pelegrims products but our bestseller is the Hand Pomade. It contains Hyaluronic Acid, Provitamin B5 and English Ortega Grape Vine Extract that stimulate skin cell regeneration and give your hands softness and an improved appearance. Come to the shop and try other amazing Pelegrims products as well: cleansers, balms and creams.  




Molly Pickle is an environmentally conscious Illustrator and printmaker. Her art studio and shop are located in Ramsgate and the coastline and nature are a big inspiration of hers. She learned illustration and printmaking by herself. She always looks for ways to make her products more eco-friendly. She loves her creative job and she wants her work to only have a positive impact (ethically and environmentally speaking). She uses materials that are organic, eco-friendly and locally manufactured, such as UK-made cotton or vegan inks from Devon. At Foras, you can find Molly’s cards, prints, notebooks and kitchen towels.




Libby, who runs Shoreline Ceramics, uses just two colors in her ceramic objects: white and blue. Together, they give a seaside-like feel. Every Shoreline Ceramics product is handmade and hand decorated. At Foras we sell brooches, vases and soap holders made by her.




Jennifer Day is an contemporary abstract artist and needle felter with a love of colour and nature. She is very inspired by living on the seaside. She attended the Canterbury Institute of Art and Design receiving a Diploma in Fine Art, and distinction in Painting. She is best known for her striking abstract paintings. She enjoys experimenting with textures and vivid colours. At Foras, you can buy her paintings and postcards.



It all started with excitement about amazing coffee. Curve Roasters are located in Margate and today sell coffee to places in the whole UK. They bring delicious beans in a way that makes things better for the producers and the planet. In the heart of what they do is their decision to benefit every person in the supply chain. They produce amazing, seasonal coffees. At Foras you can not only buy their beans but also try their coffees - they make for a delicious pour-over.


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Ten curious facts about perfume

Ten curious facts about perfume

There are many facts about perfume you might not know, so we decided today to make the magic of perfumes much simpler. Welcome to the fascinating world of fragrances.


  1. Foras is a company that designs and manufactures niche perfumes. But what does is mean when a fragrance is ‘niche’? As opposed to designer perfumes, the niche ones are not mass-produced, which means that they are more exclusive. As they don’t have to please the general crowd, they can be more original and unique, and the perfumers can make bolder choices while designing the formulations. And the interesting fact is that the history of perfumery in England started with niche perfume - a few centuries ago, they were a very special product only available to the richest.


  1. If your fragrance vanishes quickly after it has been applied, we suggest a little trick to make it last longer - moisturising! Moistrurising your body before using the perfume is essential. Fragrances diffuse better when applied on hydrated skin, moisturised skin will hold the scent longer too.


  1. Have you ever smelled a beautiful perfume on someone, bought it and discovered that it smells completely different on you? We suggest trying a perfume on your skin first in order to avoid disappointment, as the same fragrance will smell differently on different people. This is due to your skin’s own chemistry which depends on various factors such as your diet and even how much you sweat. And if you want your fragrance to smell the same, you can spray it on your hairbrush and then run it through the hair (spraying perfume directly on the hair might dry them) or spray it on your clothes (but be careful as some fragrances can stain clothes).


  1. Not all perfumes are vegan and there is no official signage for vegan perfumes. We advise double-checking before making a purchase. Unfortunately, perfumes can contain animal ingredients. Our perfumes are vegan and cruelty-free. We are often asked if our perfumes are all natural and the answer is: as much as possible, as certain natural notes (such as musk or leather) are actually quite harmful to the environment, so we use synthetic replacements.


  1. To make your fragrance stronger, you can apply it to certain areas of the body called ‘pulse points’, where the blood vessels are just under the skin. These locations radiate heat which will blast the scent into the air. So to maximise the strength of your fragrance, spray the base of your neck, your inner wrists, your inner elbows and behind your ears.


  1. Your nose is not able to process more than three scents in a row, so when testing new fragrances avoid testing more than three. When you still want to smell all these beautiful fragrances but your nose already got tired, try smelling the crook of your elbow - it will cleanse your nasal palate. The best way to fight olfactory fatigue is to smell your own skin - it’s that simple.


  1. Ditch the habit of rubbing your wrists after applying perfume - it can distort the smell. A fragrance is a complex composition of top, heart and base notes, with top notes being the lightest ones and the ones you can smell immediately. Rubbing wrists will dull top notes, it will also accelerate evaporation and mix the perfume with your natural oils which will change the way the perfume smells.


  1. There are rules to storing perfume too. Your bathroom or car aren’t good. What you should take into consideration is humidity, sunlight and changes in temperature as they will impact your perfume over time. You should keep your fragrance away from sunlight, high humidity and drastic changes in temperature - so storing it upright in a closet is way better than putting it in the bathroom.


  1. In the hot weather it’s advisable to use less perfume as it will smell more intensely than during cold days. In winter, the scent doesn’t project as far as in the summer but it lasts longer because the molecules evaporate more slowly. If you prefer lighter scents in the summer, we suggest getting acquainted with our Fig Ozone and Summer Vine - two light perfumes that will make you think of hot weather.


  1. Over 30% of fragrances for men are worn by women. There are many women that love musky, woody and leathery scents usually associated with male perfumes. We decided to make all our fragrances unisex as we are firm believers that notes shouldn’t be considered male or female. We know many women that enjoy our Elemental Musk, and many men who love Oxidised Rose.


We hope you enjoyed learning more about the curious world of fragrances. Pop into the shop if you are longing for a longer conversation about perfumes!    

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Craft a scented candle with us!

Craft a scented candle with us!

Join us for a candle-making workshop in our new Formulation Lab at our 11 Church Street store in Folkestone and learn from our expert tutor. A scent can transform your day, bring back an old memory or cement a brand new cherished moment. There is something magical and ritualistic about lighting a candle, signifying a moment to pause, be still, to reflect. Over a meal with friends and loved ones, or a peaceful moment to yourself as you soak and cleanse your skin. Bring a friend or make some new ones in the friendly and fragrant setting of our workshop space, whilst learning a new skill and creating your own moment of calm to take home and enjoy or to give as a gift.

During this accessible class with a friendly and knowledgeable teacher, you will create your own scent and then make your personalised soy wax candle.

The teacher will guide you step-by-step through the process, so no previous experience is necessary and all the materials will be provided. If you are looking for a relaxing experience, but also one that will help you embrace your creative side, look no further!

The class will have three parts - first, you will learn about scents and notes before moving to create your own scent that you will use in part three when you will follow all the simple steps of making a scented candle, culminating with putting on a customised sticker with your name!

You will make a custom scent from scratch rather than just choosing from pre-made compositions and your lovely teacher will be able to answer all your perfume-related burning questions! The classes have a maximum of four students so you will get plenty of your teacher’s attention too.

Don’t worry if you are a complete beginner or don’t know much about perfume and scents - the class is really easy! So join us on this chilled-out workshop or simply email us if you have questions before you book (

Book your place in store or on ClassBento:


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'11 Church Street' - the love song to our street

'11 Church Street' - the love song to our street

Today we want to tell you more about our newest limited edition fragrance called ‘11 Church Street’. When we created the scent, we were inspired by the history and personality of the street where our shop resides - Church Street in Folkestone. We chose notes that would reflect the complexity of the place. When we create our scents, we are often inspired by different places - a greenhouse in the summer in case of ‘Summer Vine’, or misty woods in case of ‘Mushroom Forest’. We have also designed a scent inspired by Folkestone (‘Folkestone Green’), but this time, we wanted to make something even more local, so we decided to explore Church Street!

Church Street, once known as Mercery Lane, has always attracted commerce and hospitality, and we think today it is as true as ever. Church Street boasts amazing businesses such as Stem by Stem florist or the restaurant called Folkestone Wine Company. Church Street is also the birth place of William Harvey who is believed to be the discoverer of the circulation of blood (and our fragrances are so beautiful they will make your heart beat faster as when you are in love!).

'11 Church Street' is a complex scent that will transport you mentally to our amazing neighbourhood: it is churchy as this is where the St Mary and St Eanswythe’s Church is (it is also the oldest church in Folkestone). You can clearly smell Frankincense and sandalwood which will make you believe you are sitting on a wooden bench in an old place of worship. On Church Street there is also a great restaurant and we incorporated its personality into our perfume too - ‘11 Church Street’ is boozy, and it also smells like sage and basil. As we couldn’t forget about The Wool Shop, we added expensive notes of cashmere to our fragrance. There has always been a florist on Church Street (at least in the 20th century), so we added some pine notes to our perfume too. The result? A rich, intoxicating and complex perfume, perfect for long winter days but also great as a heavier evening fragrance. Although '11 Church Street' is a limited edition fragrance, we still have a few bottles left so come to our shop in Folkestone or buy it online here.

Creating scents is rewarding and fun. It is always positively challenging to reflect a personality of a place, to create a beautiful and unique scent that brings this place to mind. We love creating new scents, so if you want us to design a personalised scent for your business, see what we worked on and contact us here - we will be delighted to help you! And if you want to create a scent for your home, come to our candle-making workshop where you can create your own scent and then pour it into a soy candle - you can book your spot online here for £60 or purchase a class voucher in our Folkestone shop for only £55 - we can’t wait to work with you!

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Layers on layers

Layers on layers

Perfumers spend a lot of time and energy to create beautiful, well-balanced scents. But did you know that you can experiment with fragrances yourself, going well beyond just buying a new bottle? You can layer perfumes too, which means wearing two or more perfumes at the same time. Today we will be talking about layering and we will suggest some great combinations too!

So why layer perfume? Firstly, you will create a unique scent that no one else is wearing. We would say buying perfume from niche designers is step one, and then layering them is the final step. It will also make the scent stronger and lasting for a longer time.

But how to layer perfume? First, spray them together on a paper stripe starting with the heaviest fragrance and observe how they interact. Not all perfumes settle together nicely (not even ours!) so it’s important to try out the mixtures before putting them on your body. If they smell together well, you can spray them on the same spot or different spots on the body or clothes. Another good piece of advice is to start with a simple musky perfume and put a more complex one on top (although complex, our Elemental Musk will do just fine). It’s good to avoid combining two very heavy perfumes as they can create an overpowering combo. We also recommend not layering more than two complex fragrances and not more than three single-note ones.

So which ones are the good combinations of Foras perfumes? 

  • Oxidised Rose and Rosemary Benzoin is an oriental and flowery mix, perfect as an evening perfume but likewise great to be worn during the day. It’s deeper and heavier than Oxidised Rose but more floral than Rosemary Benzoin. To us, this combo smells like a rose garden in Morocco!
  • Summer Vine & Fig Ozone. Two of our summery fragrances combine very well to create a fresh and fruity scent. This mix smells of a garden in summer with its notes of tomato leaf, sweet pea and fig, and it’s absolutely beautiful and perfect for the summer - although we love wearing it in winter just to remind us of the beautiful feeling of the sun on our faces!
  • The mix of Elemental Musk with Bitter Citrus is leathery and sweet. The bergamot note that comes from Elemental Musk plays very well with fruity citrus notes of Bitter Citrus. To us, it smells like a bookshop with leather sofas somewhere in Southern Italy!
  • Fig Ozone & Elemental Musk are a dry and sweet combination that also smells woody and leathery. They are a light mix perfect for the day. It’s one of our favourite combinations!

So don’t forget to mention layering perfumes when you come to our shop in Folkestone and experiment with the eight scents from our permanent collection! We are here to help you so don’t hesitate to chat to Michał, Jen and Heather. See you soon!

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Try our skincare - we truly care!

Try our skincare - we truly care!

Hello everyone! You will be happy to know that the best-smelling shop in Folkestone just expanded! We now have a new room full of skincare designed and manufactured by us, so we have complete creative and executive control over the products which assures the best quality and great prices.

You probably noticed that smells are important to us. In our perfumes, we use plenty of niche notes to create a unique composition. We adopt this approach in our skincare too. We make sure it doesn’t only make your skin beautiful and soft but that it smells heavenly too. So today we are going to walk you through our new scented skincare line and also give you more information about our unscented products.

The first product we will present is our Pink Pepper Treatment Cream, perfect for the face and the body, a cream that will rescue your dry and damaged skin throughout the year. We achieved the hydrating and protective result through mixing a few of the best oils: the ones from the grape seed, the pumpkin seed, and coconut. To give it a distinct and beatiful smell, we decided to scent it with a mix of essential oils from sage, rosemary and orange (do you want you facial cream to smell like Provence in the summer?). To give it rejuvenating properties, we added vitamin E, known for its restorative properties. You can get all that goodness for just £17 for 60ml!


We also created two amazing new products that marry the best of the world of skincare and the world of bath care - body and bath oils. As the base, we used a powerful mix of plant-based oils: avocado oil, hemp oil, coconut oil and almond oil. We also added lovely essential oils so make sure they smell delightfully. The Eucalyptus Body And Bath Oil is refreshing and zingy. The Pink Pepper Body And Bath Oil has an exciting and warming smell of pink pepper, lavender, orange, sage and rosemary. You can enjoy the oils on their own as a part of your bath routine.

Don’t forget that we also created five types of single-grain unscented oils: argan, pumpkin, broccoli, rosehip and raspberry. They are meant to be used on the face, hair and body and you can read more about their properties here.

At the end we have to add that we are the only shop in the Folkestone area where you can buy the amazing luxurious skincare from Pelegrims - more information here.

So come to our shop and try our great skincare and beautiful fragrances. See you soon!

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A Christmas shopping guide

A Christmas shopping guide

Christmas is just around the corner and it can be a bit stressful. There are all these preparations we have to make, all these presents we have to buy! That’s why we prepared a little Christmas shopping guide so you can relax and enjoy the days before Christmas. 

This year we have prepared something special - you can now buy gift boxes and lucky dips that will allow you to save quite a lot of money. Gift boxes start at £20 for a box set with bath salts, a piece of volcanic pumice and a notebook - perfect for people who enjoy writing while having a bath. ;) If you want to buy something truly special and Folkestone-themed, we have a £60 set that comes with a large Folkestone Green perfume, a bar of soap, a notebook and a card from Molly Pickle. Folkestone Green is our new fragrance that has been inspired by Folkestone’s green spaces and boosts with over 20 plant notes, so if you are looking for a lovely local gift, look no further. We also know how much people love our soaps so we prepared a full selection of our eight soaps for just £50. And if you like nice surprises, try our £8 lucky dip - each contains products worth £12-17 and is a great little gift.

Below you can also find gift set ideas for your loved ones.


For skincare junkies: £12-£60

Did you know that natural oils are a true gift of nature? We have chosen to manufacture five of the best types of oil out there and we have some weird and wonderful types such as broccoli seed oil and pumpkin seed oil. You can choose three oils for £33 or a set of all five at £60 - that’s just £12 per bottle!


For skincare junkies - deluxe edition: £68

Foras is one of the very few places in Kent that stocks skincare from Pelegrims. What makes it special is that it’s made with byproducts of wine production - grape skins, seeds and pulp. Pelegrims skincare is rich in antioxidants and vitamins - essentially it’s full of goodness. A set of facial cleanser and facial balm is perfect for anyone who treats the health of their skin seriously.


For people who love nature: £11

Books can transport you anywhere like by magic. At Foras, we love books that make us feel closer to nature and make us want to go outside and wander. We sell three amazing books by nature aficionado Robert Macfarlane. “The old ways” and “The wild places” explore the beauty of British nature while “Mountains of the mind” are an exhilarating history of mountaineering - what’s not to love?


For people who love nature - deluxe edition: £60

Our fragrance Mushroom Forest is inspired by a walk in mossy and misty woods and is perfect for everyone who loves nature. It is earthy, fruity and fresh, with notes of mushroom, earth, mossy wood, crab apples and wild berries. Apart from smelling lovely, a big 50ml bottle will last a long time!


For people who love spending time in the kitchen: £20

Molly Pickle is one of our favourite Kent-based designers. She makes cards, notebooks, pillows (and other beautiful objects) but today we want to talk about her gorgeous kitchen towels - we suggest buying a set of two different designs: “Busy bee” and “Octopus”. They were designed and printed by Molly Pickle herself. We guarantee you’re gonna love them!


For people who love bonfires: £30

Isn’t the smell of bonfire a window to the memory of good times with a great company of lovely people? Smell can evoke memories in a very powerful way. Good Candles have a strong and beautiful aroma, and they definitely have some of the best compositions on the market. Their Forest Fire candle smells just like a bonfire - how amazing is that?

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The wonders of natural oils

The wonders of natural oils

Natural oils are a true gift of nature. They contain a plethora of beneficial ingredients, such as fatty acids and vitamins. We have chosen to manufacture five of the best types of oil out there and today we are going to tell you more about their properties - in brief, we will show you how amazing they all are! And if you are worried that oils might not be good for you because you have skin issues or oily skin, then we are happy to say that certain oils are perfect for acne and all skin types, so carry on reading!


Argan oil has a very high content of Omega 6, Omega 9 and antioxidants which means that if offers many benefits such as protection and rejuvenation of the skin. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and may reduce signs of ageing in the skin. It also penetrates very quickly into the skin and leaves no oily film. You can make a nutritious facial serum by mixing argan oil with rosehip seed oil. Argan oil is great for tired and dehydrated hair too as leaves it protected, moisturised and with reduced frizz.


Although broccoli might seem like a basic plant, broccoli seed oil has quite sophisticated properties - with incredibly high percentage of erucic acid it feels and acts like natural silicone that is silky and doesn’t leave an oily film. If you want to give your skin a natural glow, look no further - broccoli seed oil is there to help you! It’s recommended to use this oil as a base in your skin conditioning routine, just before applying the moisturiser. It’s exceptionally good for nails and cuticles and is also perfect for hair treatments as it helps control split ends. It’s amazing for people in their twenties and thirties as it helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and prevents UV damage. It’s also good for skin with problems - it may help with dermatitis, rosacea, and psoriasis.


Another underestimated oil is the one made of pumpkin seeds, great for people with acne and skin where anti-acne products have been overused, as it contains zinc, widely regarded as an important mineral for skin health. Broccoli seed oil is rich in Omega 6 and Omega 9, great for lifting the skin, and in magnesium that regulates cellular regeneration and repair. These factors make it an excellent oil for people aged 40 years old and older; it also helps retain moisture in the skin, working against the creation of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s also a great oil for sores and to reverse UV damage, so it’s perfect for mature skin with problems. Mix it with broccoli seed oil to create a powerful cuticle serum. You can also use pumpkin seed oil for your hair as it helps with hair growth and thickness; it’s really lightweight too so you don’t have to worry about oily appearance, in fact, it will make it feel soft and nourished, with reduced dandruff.


Raspberry seed oil is perfect for sensitive skin, especially in conjunction with rosehip seed oil. It’s deeply nourishing and emollient, leaving the skin supple, softened and protected against UV light and the elements. It has very good UV absorbing properties - some sources claiming protection of a factor between 28 and 50. As it is a very lightweight oil, it can be mixed with heavier oils. It contains a high amount of Omega 6 and Omega 3 making it perfect for everyday use - it’s even suitable for oily and combination skin as it doesn’t clog the pores. It also promotes anti-inflammatory and healing properties and it provides moisture retention for the skin and the hair.


Rosehip seed oil is another fantastic example of an all-round beneficial product. Great for dry and damaged skin, it can also be used on oily and combination skins as it absorbs very quickly without leaving an oily film, making it perfect for everyday use and under makeup. As it is intensely yellow, it will give your skin an even tone and a healthy glow when spread well (mix it with raspberry seed oil to reduce the intensity). Rosehip seed oil is great for mature skin as well as it has a very high content of antioxidant vitamin A and fatty acid Omega 3 which makes it a powerful anti-aging product that reduces wrinkles and fine lines, helping to keep the skin soft and supple. This oil is to be used on skin with acne, pimples and boils, and on skin overexposed to the elements, burnt or scalded. It is helpful for skin with other problems too - it reduces hyperpigmentation and makes enlarged pores less visible. It also normalises dry and oily scalps.


We are sure you will find a perfect oil at Foras - come to our shop at 11 Church Street in Folkestone to get special discounts on oil sets: a selection of three oils is just £33 while you can get a full set of five for just £60 - perfect as a Christmas gift!

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