Six scents to boost your mood

Six scents to boost your mood

Autumn is here, and all we want to do here at Foras is to wrap ourselves in a cosy blanket and read a book while it’s grey and rainy outside. Aren’t days like that really depressing? Unfortunately autumn and winter are the time of low mood. So we want to find things that put us in a good mood. At Foras, we are specialists in scents so today we will tell you more about how to boost your mood with them - there is evidence that aromatherapy can help fight depressive symptoms.



Citrus oils are an excellent method for uplifting mood and achieving emotional balance. They interact with the brain’s chemicals and hormones, leading to a mood enhancement. They are remarkable in their ability to alleviate anxiety too. Research indicates that bergamot essential oil has the potential to decrease anxiety levels in rats, which suggests it could have a similar effect on humans. Furthermore, neroli essential oil has been shown to lessen anxiety in post-menopausal women and individuals undergoing minor surgical procedures. For a mood boost try our Bitter Citrus fragrance with five different types of citrus oils: bergamot, neroli, orange, lemon and petitgrain. If you’d rather use citrus oils in your diffuser or oil burner to scent your home, we recommend our Eleanor Diffuser Oil with mango, fig and grapefruit - sweet, yummy and uplifting!



Frankincense oil is known for alleviating depressive and anxious symptoms. It also has a soothing and calming effect. The natural, woodsy aroma of frankincense oil can elevate your spirits and it has been observed to bring balance and control in individuals who experience intense emotions and constant restlessness. Some studies also suggest that frankincense can help with relaxation and reduce stress levels. Try our Rosemary Benzoin fragrance that contains frankincense - it also has notes of oud, incense, patchouli, benzoin and rosemary.



Jasmine is a note known to soothe the nervous system, decrease heart rate and blood pressure, and foster relaxation. Jasmine oil can even reduce depressive symptoms! A study found that jasmine oil helps increase significantly the oxygen saturation in the blood. Inhaled scent of jasmine increases brain activity and mood - the participants of the study reported feeling more positive and energetic. Try our energising perfume Folkestone Green with notes of grass, jasmine and ylang-ylang - available as a personal fragrance, and also as an air freshener.


Rose oil is known to enhance memory and focus. Many people find rose oil to have a calming effect - it has been shown to decrease blood pressure, heart rate and cortisol levels. Rose oil can also trigger the brain to release endorphins, commonly known as the “feel-good” hormone. It has also been observed that rose oil can lessen pain. Try our amazing light and dry Oxidised Rose perfume with notes of metal and leather!


Pink Pepper:

Pink pepper essential oil is recognised for its capacity to elevate mood and foster a positive mindset. It also serves as a remedy for stress and anxiety. The unique, spicy scent of pink pepper essential oil is known to invigorate energy levels and enhance concentration. Furthermore, it is recognized for its soothing properties that help alleviate stress and anxiety. Try our Pink Pepper Body and Bath Oil that’s makes for a great massage oil - we also have a Pink Pepper Hand Wash and Pink Pepper Treatment Cream that you can use on your face and body.



Peppermint essential oil has been found to enhance cognitive performance and reduce mental exhaustion related to prolonged mental activities. It provides a soothing effect for many individuals. Additionally, it can aid in enhancing mental clarity and stimulate the brain to release endorphins. Try putting our Eady Diffuser Oil in your oil burner - it has uplifting and invigorating notes of eucalyptus, peppermint and basil.


This is all for today - thank you for tuning in and we hope you have a brilliant and joyful autumn!



(Image sources:Tanya Nedelcheva, Anastasia Malysh, Tirza van Dijk, Kike Vega)

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