The Magic of Tomatoes

The Magic of Tomatoes

At Foras, we are constantly looking for new intriguing and powerful skincare formulations.

Up to very recently, we offered five types of facial oils: Argan Kernel, Broccoli Seed, Raspberry Seed, Pumpkin Seed and Rosehip Seed. But the time has come to introduce our newest oil: Tomato Seed Oil.

What's so great about tomato, you might be asking. Well, adding tomatoes to your diet helps lower the risk of certain types of cancer, and helps preserve your eye health. Also, tomatoes are great for your heart and gut. Furthermore, they are packed with vitamin C.

Many of those beneficial effects translate into tomato seed oil too. Our Tomato Seed Oil has many benefits! It has a high concentration of vitamins, minerals and other goodies that nourish the skin. Below we list its most important properties:

- repairs sun damage: it has a lot of emollient and soothing properties

- prevents skin ageing: phytosterols boost the production of collagen and copper increases the production of elastin leading to more supple skin

- restores the shine of the hair: vitamin E creates the effect of full hair and phytosterols make it look shiny

- helps restore skin tone thanks to a high content of copper that contributes to the production of melanin in the skin

- reduces scarring thanks to the combined power of vitamin E and phytosterols that reduce the appearance of scars

- has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties so it’s perfect for skin conditions such as eczema

- normalises oily skin and cleanses pores, it is also great for people with acne, as lycopene and linoleic acid fight skin problems

- protects the skin against UV rays due to the large amount of carotenoids present in the oil


Try our Tomato Seed Oil today or click HERE to read about the properties of other cold-pressed unscented oils available at Foras.

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