Six Perfume Trends for Spring 2024

You probably have a favourite fragrance already but spring is the perfect time to mix it up, so get inspired by new trends in the world of perfume! 
Six Perfume Trends for Spring 2024

You probably have a favourite fragrance already but spring is the perfect time to mix it up, so get inspired by new trends in the world of perfume! We believe that you should be yourself but it’s good sometimes to make a change to your routine. The problem with trends is that different trendsetters have different, often contradictory ideas, so following trends can be frustrating. To make your life easier, we read multiple articles with suggestions and we gathered six most interesting trends that we think you’ll love and happily follow. But remember, don’t force anything - you do you! After all, wearing a fragrance is all about pleasure.

Oud scents are in fashion this season, but this time combined with smokey notes. Oud is a dark, woody and sensual scent, very popular in the Middle East for thousands of years. It is a potent note that helps fragrances become stronger, long-lasting, and project better. Oud is powerful and sexy, many people claim that it helps them feel more confident. Adding smokey notes to oud makes the scent feel more aromatic and luxurious. At Foras, we developed a perfume called Rosemary Benzoin, with notes of oud and incense, perfect for evenings in spring. You can layer it with Oxidised Rose, as oud is traditionally paired with this flower.

Spring is the time when we finally see more sun, the days are longer and there is more light outside. So it comes as no surprise that solar notes are in vogue. Solar scents are warm, exotic and fruity, think sun-kissed skin and beach holidays. Our warmest sunny fragrance is Bitter Citrus, featuring five different types of citrus, as well as warm notes of amber, vanilla and black pepper. Our store manager Michał says it evokes the image of an old apothecary in southern Italy. You can also try our Summer Vine that will transport you to an English garden in full bloom with its notes of orange, dusty wood, tomato vine and sweet pea.

Another trend this spring are dirty florals. “Wait!”, you might say, “I know about floral scents, but what makes them dirty?” Simple, adding earthy and mossy notes will do the trick. We suggesting pairing up our Oxidised Rose perfume with Mushroom Forest to combine floral notes with earth and oakmoss.

Another big hit this spring will be gender-neutral fragrances. Frankly, we believe in this idea so much that we made all of our fragrances unisex. We also think there should be no distinction between scents for men and women. Men can rock subtle and floral perfumes (such as our Oxidised Rose), and women can find delight in wearing musky and woody fragrances (our Elemental Musk comes to mind). So relax, don’t stress about the gender of fragrances and wear whatever floats your boat!


Some of the specialists in perfume praise wearing a signature scent. The idea is great, however developing a bespoke perfume can be very costly. So what can you do if you don’t fancy spending hundreds or thousands on a fragrance? We suggest layering two or more fragrances, and with our ten perfumes the possibilities are truly endless! Some combinations that work very well are:

- Elemental Musk with Oxidised Rose

- Oxidised Rose with Rosemary Benzoin

- Fig Ozone with Summer Vine

We think the best idea is to purchase our sample set that contains eight 2ml vials from our permanent collection (it excludes Ocean Tansy and 11 Church Street) and then experiment with different combinations until you find something that feels truly yours. Good luck!

Lastly, we predict that nature-inspired scents will be a big hit this season, especially fragrances that have been developed with a particular place in mind. Our 11 Church Street is a fantastic perfume that has been inspired by the street where our Folkestone shop resides, especially by the presence of a church, a florist and a wine restaurant. It’s churchy, boozy and slightly floral. Another fragrance we suggest is Folkestone Green, inspired by Folkestone’s green spaces. It’s a very green, aromatic and complex fragrance that boasts with over twenty plant notes, such as ylang ylang, jasmine and green grass. What’s not to love?


We hope this little guide will help you choose a perfume that will have a special place in your heart! Remember - how you feel is the most important thing!


(Image sources: Corina Rainer, Engin Akyurt, Tirza van Dijk, Roman Synkevych, Mi Min, Jackie DiLorenzo, Sagar Patil, Pawel Czerwinski)