Our fragrances have been formulated over the last 5 years in a small production lab and studio at our shop in Folkestone. Each fragrance uses only the finest raw materials to create intensely layered and unique fragrances that adapt to the wearer's skin and change over time.

We make our fragrances in small batches drop by drop to mean that each batch is made within a few months of being sold instead of more standard industry practices of keeping them in a warehouse waiting to be sold for potentially years.

Each fragrance is inspired by a different ingredient or location that is special to us but in a new and contemporary way. We want our fragrances to stand out and be a talking point that catches the attention in the street, at the office or even within a family. By being so layered and using a selection of ingredients we are able to make products that smell slightly different every day even to the person wearing them. 

How to wear...

We recommend spraying our fragrances as desired but as a general rule, we go for 1 spray to the neck and 1 spray to each wrist to maximise the longevity of each fragrance. They are all Eau de Parfum so have high concentrations of oils but some ingredients have greater longevity than others so may stay on the skin for longer. Topping up your fragrance if needed at the end of the day is encouraged to build up a refreshed scent profile for yourself!

The perfumer…

We work solely with Alexander Verier, who is a formulator and perfumer from Kent, England. Past fragrance clients have included Oliver Spencer, Grenson Shoes, Dom Perignon and Fortnum and Mason. In his career spanning over 15 years in the industry, he has worked on hundreds of formulations and products as well as sourcing packaging and managing production and distribution for private clients.