Bitter Citrus

Catania, Sicily – it’s early in the season so not too hot or busy for you but an idyllic oasis after a long year. The local produce is everywhere and you can’t resist speaking to every seller that calls out to you. Lemons, oranges, tomatoes and vegetables are all brighter, green and fresher than you have ever seen them. The aromas are strong and it’s a press of people and voices as you meander through with nothing else to do than enjoy where you are.

The bitter scent of wrinkled green citrus fruits rules over the edge of the market with a huge pyramid stack of the fresh fruits carefully placed on a sheet at the boot of a car. The boot is open and from within there’s a strange mix of resinous green roots and firewood poking out from under an antique rug. It’s a warming and homely snapshot that blends with the bitter citrus fruits before you to form a memory that will last forever.

Experience it now

Listen to the 'Bitter Citrus' poem written by our store manager Michał:

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