Oxidised Rose

You’re 16 and have just left your summer job after an early start, long day but your first pay packet is in your pocket and it feels like the best feeling in the world. There’s no school, no worries and a beach party is on the cards for the weekend. As you walk you find yourself taking a route through a street you’ve never noticed before, surrounded by bungalows with well-kept gardens blossoming with huge roses that swing and flow in the wind, their giant petals trying to escape onto the roadside.

Metal railings, freshly painted and shining in the harsh summer sun, support yet more roses and their vines are interwoven to form intricate pathways through gardens you can glimpse from the path but will never get the chance to fully explore. The further you proceed down the road, you realise that the sea lays just beyond and there’s a very distant sound of crashing salty waves that makes you smile with a lighter step and a lighter heart.

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