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Foras Fragrance and Skincare

Folkestone Green Air Freshener

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Folkestone Green Air Freshener

This Air Freshener is perfect for cars, wardrobes, and drawers.

Fragrance: Luscious green gardens roll out before you, the distant blue of the sea is only a short walk away and the weekend is nearly here. There is a buzz of energy and excitement in the air of new beginnings and adventures that are yet to be. This is Folkestone Green, a swirling mix of green herbs, fresh air, and good times.

Wild Herbs, Coastal Plants, Green Grass, and Fresh Open Spaces

Scent notes:

Top / Galbanum, fennel and blackcurrant leaf

Middle / Green grass, jasmine and ylang ylang

Base / Sandalwood, patchouli and oakmoss

Folkestone Green Air Freshener