11 Church Street

Stand in the entrance of a winding, red bricked, cobbled street and glance up at the distant church beyond. It’s a dark night and the festive lights of Christmas sparkle from the shop windows, a warm glow emanates from the cracked church windows. There’s a mix of feelings as you walk further on as the door to the pub swings open and the smell of the log fire, beer and wine wafts out. There’s a feeling of getting together and enjoying this cold winter night - the calm antiquity of time in a church to contemplate mixed with louder times with friends that go on late into the night. 

Our limited edition, 2023, 11 Church Street is a heavy and boozy fragrance with notes of Orange and Pine with a touch of Amber and Black Pepper. The fragrance is inspired by the street where our boutique resides and it boasts churchy notes of Labdanum and Oakmoss. To make it truly special, in the heart of the fragrance one can smell aromatic basil and vetiver. 11 Church Street is perfectly blended and balanced. 

Listen to the '11 Church Street' poem written by our store manager Michał:

Read more about Michał's poetry on somecoolwords.online

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