Ocean Tansy

The sound hits you first - waves crashing onto the dry and dusty shingle. Gulls circle overhead and a warm constant breeze ruffles hair and feathers at skin. The distant sound of music can be heard and there’s a thrill to just sitting on the warm stones with nothing more to do that day than enjoy being outside. A cold beer is clasped in one hand and the cans condensation wets your skin, eyes staring out across the shimmering sea and the taste of salt at the edge of slightly parched lips.

Dip your toes in the cooling waters of the English Coastline. Dive in and create new memories and adventures. Scream in the waves. Run out onto sunlit shingle and dry off for the afternoon. Relaxing, calming, exciting and warming. A delicate blend of coastal plants, ocean water and warming citrus notes.

Experience it now

Listen to the 'Ocean Tansy' poem written by our store manager Michał:

Read more about Michał's poetry on somecoolwords.online

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