Five Simple Things for a More Analogue Living

Discover a simpler, more natural way of living with Foras Fragrance and Skincare's five easy tips. Embrace eco-friendly practices, analogue cooking, nature retreats, natural beauty products, and immerse yourself in art and poetry. Visit our store in Folkestone for more inspiration.
Five Simple Things for a More Analogue Living

There was never a time where living close to the nature (and with nature in mind) was more important. The polar caps are melting and Earth is suffering so it’s important to lead a life more gentle to the planet. We should also be more gentle to ourselves: today’s world tires us with long hours at work, time-consuming and overcrowded commutes and a myriad of responsibilities. So what can we do to live a simpler, more natural life? There’s five simple things you can try.


  1. Use less plastic


Plastic pollution negatively affects wildlife and humans. Exposure to microplastics (in food, for example) can cause metabolic disturbances and increase risk of getting ill from certain diseases. So it’s really important that we all chip in to reduce plastic waste. There’s simple things you can do:

- choose products without plastic wrappers, such as our cosmetics, perfumes and soaps. We only use paper for the packaging.

- switch to bamboo. Bamboo can be a great plastic replacement. Try swapping your toothbrush to a bamboo one which is more environmentally friendly. Good news - we sell them too!


  1. Try analog cooking


Have you heard of Ekstedt? It’s the Nordic art of analogue cooking that uses seasonal ingredients and wood fire. No flashy gadgets, no electricity, no fancy ingredients from overseas. Fire and nature are the heart and soul of the Nordic cuisine. The food is prepared in the wood oven, can be smoked, hay-flamed or cooked on open fire. You can find more information in the book “Ekstedt” - we sell it too!


  1. Spend a weekend in the forest


Imagine this amazing feeling of spending time in front of a fireplace in a cabin in the middle of a quiet forest. Aren’t the colours of the fire beautiful? Isn’t its gentle roar delightful? Isn’t that peacefulness exactly what we need during free time? If you think so too, book a weekend in the forest! If you need inspiration for a place to stay, check our “Cabin porn” book!


  1. Use natural beauty products and beauty supplies


If you use makeup remover wipes or pads, try something more natural. Both your skin and the environment will thank you. Try a konjac sponge (only £6.50 in our store). It’s made from a Korean Konjac root so it’s completely natural and biodegradable. The sponge is a great tool to exfoliate, remove makeup and impurities. It’s so gentle you can use it for sensitive skin too.

We sell natural cosmetics as well, ones that are devoid of harmful ingredients. We partnered with Pelegrims to bring you the ultimate hand pomade. Their cosmetics are made with grape seed oil, Ortega Grape skin and seed extract, hemp seed oil and vitamins. Can they be any more natural?


  1. Spend more time with art and poetry


Sure, we all know that going to museums and galleries is a great experience, but have you ever tried slow looking? It’s an antidote to the stress of seeing too many artworks and not really connecting with any of them. Slow looking allows you to really experience the artwork. So spend at least 15 minutes with the artwork and first look at it instead of reading the description. Really give yourself time to process the feelings that the artwork gives you. If you enjoy reading, try slow reading poetry - spend time with each poem and really listen to what your heart tells you. If you never really read poetry, try one of the books from our selection that we carefully curated in our store. Oh, and did we mention that you can buy paintings in our shop too?



We really hope these five simple things will make your life better. If you want to have a chat about natural cosmetics, perfumes, cooking, art or poetry, pop in to our store in Folkestone - we are at 11 Church Street!